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MCCA has now a YouTube Channel: check “The Change” animation

MCCA has now set up a YouTube channel in order to promote climate change through videos and social media.

Our first upload is an important short animation called “The Change”, produced by UN-Habitat in Mozambique and used worldwide ever since. Its universal language of pictures and funny moments, teach great lessons about living with the environment, adaptation of human settlements. It stimulates discussions wherever it is used (for trainings, shows…). It was developed by UN-Habitat also with some support from UNDP, in cooperation with the Republic of Mozambique,  the MDG Achievement Fund (MDG-F) and the European Commission. It was designed and produced by Fabian Ribezzo with the support of Eduardo Fuerharke and Mathias Spaliviero.

The video is currently being used also in Myanmar for training purposes. We hope to produce a similar video to raise awareness about climate change in Myanmar!

We want your ideas and suggestions on how to best raise awareness about climate change in Myanmar so check out our Climate Change Awareness Strategy and let us know what you think.


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