Sustainable Industrial Dev. Conf. - 18-19 May 16

MCCA Participates in a Multi-Stakeholder Conference on Environmentally Sustainable Industrial Development

MCCA Chief Technical Advisor, Sustainable Industrial Dev. Conf. - 18-19 May 16Mr. Pasquale Capizzi, participated in a two days multi-stakeholder conference on the 18th and 19th of May 2016.

Industry development is key to Myanmar’s economic growth. With climate change and degradation of ecosystem services, industry faces increasing environmental risks such as reduced water access, unreliable electricity access, water flow changes, volatile commodity prices, increased extreme weather events. Myanmar industry needs to be better prepared to address and manage these risks.

The environmental risks Myanmar industry is exposed to and the actions the industry can take to address those risks, was discussed. The participants identified areas of priorities and actions at factory, industry and national level to prepare Myanmar industry better against environmental risks. At the end of the workshop, various issues and stakeholders with interest in taking actions against those issues were identified. Key stakeholders will meet again on the 28th of June to develop a roadmap for action.

Sustainable Industrial Dev. Conf. - 18-19 May 16 (2)

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