WWF - Human Nature Exhibition  (3)

MCCA Participates in WWF’s “Human Nature” Exhibition

Disclaimer: Full Credit for the following article and photos goes to WWF-Myanmar

WWF - Human Nature Exhibition (3)YANGON, May 16, 2016 – An exhibition of photographs showcasing Myanmar’s remarkable relationship with nature, and the threats facing some of its most extraordinary landscapes, is to be displayed at Myanmar Deitta in Yangon from May 20 to June 3.

The exhibition, titled Human. Nature. features work by award-winning photographer Minzayar, as well as never seen before aerial photographs of Myanmar’s Tanintharyi region.

Hosted by conservation organization WWF, it marks the results of a project to assess the economic and social value of Myanmar’s “natural capital”– the first assessment of its kind ever to be completed in the country.

“Myanmar is undergoing unprecedentedWWF - Human Nature Exhibition (2) changes. Many of these are positive, but the rate of development is also threatening critical natural ecosystems such as forests, rivers and coastal habitats. In this exhibition we bring together science and art to show why it’s vital that we protect these resources for the future of Myanmar’s people and wildlife,” said Christy Williams, Country Director, WWF-Myanmar.

The results of the project, published in a report titled, Natural Connections: How natural capital benefits Myanmar’s people and economy, have been used to create a collection of ground-breaking maps highlighting where people benefit from nature, which will be displayed as part of the exhibition.

Myanmar photographer Minzayar Oo, whose work features in the exhibition, said he hopes the collection “will help us to understand how closely connected we are to our natural environment, and why we need to conserve it.”

WWF - Human Nature Exhibition (1)“Shooting this amazing landscape, and listening to the stories of those who live here, made me realize just how much we depend on nature – for food, for livelihoods, for survival. It was also a haunting reminder of everything we stand to lose,” said Minzayar. Unseen photographs of some of Myanmar’s critically endangered species – captured using remote camera traps – will also be on display, in collaboration with the Karen Wildlife Conservation Initiative (KWCI).

Human. Nature. opens at Myanmar Deitta, 44th Street, Yangon, on May 20 at 5.30pm. The opening event will include a panel discussion, featuring guests U Win Ko Ko Win, NLD party member, Pasquale Capizzi, Chief Technical Advisor for the Myanmar Climate Change Alliance, UN-Habitat and UNEP and Hanna Helsingen, Green Economy Team Leader, WWF-Myanmar. Other panelists are to be confirmed.

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