Update on MCCA Activities

MCCA in the month of July and August has been very active on awareness, policy and local adaptation. We received hundreds of comments in July on the Myanmar Climate Change Strategy & Action Plan (MCCSAP) and we are now working to a final edited draft for official submission (September/October) and possibly launch in November, so stay tuned!

DVB DebateAlso, we have been on television. If you are interested in hearing a bit of our opinions on climate change and what needs to be done to durably address floods, watch Mr. Hung Ling, National Technical Advisor of MCCA, discussing at the “How To Fight The Flooding” DVB Debate here.

MCCA has also made the final Vulnerability Assessment (VA) in in the townships of Labutta and Pakokku, where we established our Eco-System Based Climate Change Adaptation Project. MCCA plans to present the findings of the Vulnerability Assessment in the month of October. In addition, MCCA is organizing a national level training on the vulnerabilities of climate change at national and township level. More details to follow so be sure to follow us on Facebook and TwitterField Pic

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