MCCA provides climate change module for journalist training of trainers, organised by WWF and MJI

UN Habitat's Mr Pasquale Capizzi addresses participants at the Media Awareness Day on 15 September.
UN Habitat’s Mr Pasquale Capizzi (L) addresses participants at the training programme on 6 September.

The Myanmar Journalism Institute (MJI) and the World Wide Fund for Nature (WWF) are conducting a programme of Training of Trainers on environmental issues.

On 6 September, MCCA was invited to deliver a module on climate change for journalists within this programme. MCCA insisted on the need for media to understand the basics of climate change to be able to report correctly in a country that is so vulnerable to climate change. Given the complexity of the issue, it is key that journalists, especially those who will train others, “use quality sources, such as the IPCC and the DMH Projections for Myanmar and that convey complex messages in a simple manner”, said Mr Pasquale Capizzi, Chief Technical Advisor of the Myanmar Climate Change Alliance (MCCA) and UN-Habitat & UNEP.

The training session was attended by nine journalists that have signed up to become trainers of other journalists, within the WWF and MJI programme, from across different parts of Myanmar. In future, the trainers who participated will roll out journalism training to journalists in other cities, such as Dawei and Mandalay.

Mr Capizzi delivered the module and insisted on the fact that “climate change is a reality, it is happening during our lifetime, and has important consequences in all aspects of the society and the economy”. Journalists appreciated the services provided by the website, which provides information in Myanmar as well as translations for terminology, a key resource for journalists.

Speaking after the event, Mr Capizzi said: “The goal of my presentation was to help participants understand why climate change is occurring and what can be done to reduce and manage its impact. The training session was a success – I was delighted by the active participation of all the trainees and I look forward to being involved in similar learning and development programmes in Myanmar in the future.”

Media Awareness Day scheduled for mid-September

Participants at the training session held on 6 September 2016.

On 15 September, MJI and WWF Myanmar will host a Media Awareness Day in Yangon’s Sanchaung Township. The training will comprise the second step of a three-part training and development programme for some of Myanmar’s key conservation and environmental organisations and the media.

Its objective will be to help conservation and environmental organizations understand the challenges journalists face in reporting on critical environmental issues and how these organizations can support better environmental journalism.

Participants will be given a brief presentation by media experts about media needs, organisations and processes and a discussion on how the media functions will take place This will be followed by case studies of Myanmar’s media, a live and public interview and an ‘ITW Debrief’ by experts to members of the media.

MJI is an independent school of journalism that was launched by a European consortium in partnership with the Burmese media group “Forever”. Its goal is to contribute sustainably to the professional development of journalists through the creation of a Myanmar school of journalism which, from the end of the project, will be managed entirely by its Myanmar partners.

For further information about MJI’s goals and activities, click here and for further information about WWF Myanmar, click here.

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