Inviting your comments on the first draft of Myanmar National Climate Change Policy

We are pleased to share here the first full draft of the Myanmar National Climate Change Policy for your comments after four months of consultations.

The Myanmar National Climate Change Policy is needed to provide high level guidance on how to integrate climate change in Myanmar’s national and development planning. It contains guiding principles, policy recommendations, and measures for implementation which will enable Myanmar to achieve its guiding vision: to be a climate-resilient, low-carbon society that is sustainable, prosperous and inclusive, for the wellbeing of present and future generations.

The formulation process of the Climate Change Policy builds fully on the intensive consultations carried out under the Myanmar Climate Change Strategy and Action Plan 2016-2030 and the information contained therein.

Kindly send these to with the subject line ‘Comments on Draft 1 of Climate Change Policy’ by close of 10 April 201710 April 2017. and with details of your full name and organization/affiliation.

For download: National Myanmar Climate Change Policy DRAFT 1


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