MCCA Trainees at Hintada National Disaster Management Center learn about climate change

New tool-box to learn about climate change adaptation in Myanmar!

MCCA just finalized its new toolbox to learn climate change and disaster risk reduction issues in Myanmar!

The toolbox includes:

  1. Training modules for a 5 days course [1. Understanding climate change; 2. Climate change impact in Myanmar; 3. Assessing climate change in Townships; 4) Planning for township resilience]
  2. A trainer manual, so that the training modules can be delivered by any trainer with experience
  3. Handbook manual for the trainees, so you can go back and implement what you learnt
  4. A Manual to prepare vulnerability assessments at township and city-level, based on the examples of Labutta and Pakokku prepared by MCCA

The course includes field-work to learn on-the-job on the effects of climate change!

As soon as possible, we will upload the entire course on-line!

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