Myanmar Climate Change Alliance

Climate Change Basics

According to several studies, Myanmar is one of the most vulnerable countries in the world to Climate Change.

Over the past 6 decades it has observed rising temperatures, increased rainfall, and more intense and frequent weather events such as cyclones, floods, and drought.

We provide in this section some basic information about climate change in general and in Myanmar.

Follow this section closely, because we will upload more content and material on a regular basis.

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Climate Change Strategy

Addressing climate change requires a strategic approach that involves all sectors of society.

Myanmar is preparing its National Climate Change Strategy and its Action Plans, to be adopted in 2016.

Please take a look and let us have your comments by 30 July 2016.

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Climate Change Dictionary

It is our role and objective to let more people know about the importance of Climate Change in Myanmar.

We’ve compiled a list of Climate Change terms you can you when writing a paper, a dissertation, a project.

We will update these references regularly, so please visit our Dictionary regularly to see terms and their definitions.

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