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Diamonds on the Internet! A new and correct procedure of shopping for your diamond and jewelry?

How mild is diamond and jewelry shopping on the . What do you deficiency to know! An with Patrick J Boening, . & CEO of the Diamond . aka: DWC Inc. One of Nor

Diamonds on the Internet! A new and better way of shopping for your diamond and jewelry?

Diamonds on the Internet! A new and better way of shopping for your diamond and jewelry?

How innoxious is diamond and jewelry shopping on the internet? What do you deficiency to know! An interview with Patrick J Boening, President & CEO of the Diamond Wholesale Corporation, aka: DWC Inc. One of North America’s blessing firms in the diamond online and global work ( 11, 2004– Interviewing Patrick J Boening, President and CEO of the Diamond Wholesale CorporationQ: More and fresh relatives decide to purchase their diamonds online. DWC Inc could emend its online sales by an impressive 83% How come?A: Price, Quality, Variety, Availability and interest Customer Service The confidence and trust in online diamond firms grow over the last years enormously, as most online businesses did. This is the 21st century; you dont keep to spend hours in jewelry stores only to be shown a medium grade diamond, in dimmed irradiate for a ridicules charge Then you deprivation to compare and run to the later storeroom to charge the complete process over and over again. A tiring, desire and expensive routine to do work Retail stores cede not grant prices over the phone. They deficiency you trapped within their environment. They keep to vend you what they keep on livestock fairly then what is available on the vend Remember, when you purchase a diamond or a piece of jewelry in a store, you emolument for everything, the expensive location, the beautiful and costly pantry decoration, sales and protection cudgel etc etc. The remuneration differences between online and scullery can juicy be 50 70 % On the fresh hand, jewelers are mildewed and abominate the internet It is like a secret leaked out. Did you ever wonder why jewelers did so well and whenever you passed by the store, their is scarcely customer traffic? The smart and educated client with access to the internet realized all that Q: Isnt it to risky to purchase such expensive items over the internet, and how can one minimize that risk?A: I obtain never heard of an internet diamond obdurate that “ran off” with the clients capital That would be a one instance action The internet is the fastest media in the world, such actions would be known and strew in hours, around the creation and this troupe would be threatening listed forever Surely you should not trust anyone reasonable because they hold a framework site If you posses these 9 rules, your purchase entrust be safer then in most stores:Rule # 1: Trust a fretwork site (company or organization) only if they reveal on their framework site, the full businesses homily (not only a PO Box) and phone numeral If they dont, they retain a instigation Many framework sites are owned by the identical squad or person and would demonstrate the equivalent homily and phone number. Rule # 2: Check their references (Testimonials) and speak to present clients You consign fleet find out if they are legitimate or made upRule # 3: Check the professional trade networks and organizations, in the diamond and jewelry field: JBT (Jewelers Board of Trade), Polygon, Rapaport Network etc. If they are not registered there, they are no professionals.Rule # 4: Check with your local BBB (Better Business Bureau) This is usually one of the first organizations that will receive a customers complaint. Rule # 5: Make sure the bunch you are dealing with gives a whole pecuniary back guarantee of at least 5 days This commit give you enough instance to retain the article checked by a professional (Gemologist/Appraiser) of your choice. Rule # 6: Always choose the assessor / gemologist yourself Never contract the salesperson recommend one If the firm recommends an independent sheriff or sends the entity (s) to an independent appraiser/gemologist of their choice, cease assure, that they are in cahoots (If you obtain to image a contract, would you ask the more parties attorney for advice? Or would you agreement your own lawyer?) Rule # 7: Dont be blinded by photos of diamonds. In most cases the are thumping misleading Everyone who understands a seldom about photography knows that, photos are quite worthless You deficiency the specialized news of the diamond, which are written in the Diamond Report, or Certificate The further details you gain the correct AGS (American Gemological Society) provides at the moment North Americas elite tab It entrust adduce details of indentation that are most celebrated and unfortunately most ignored. Crown aspect in degrees and mountain in percent Pavilion depth and region breadth AGS is as difficult as GIA (Gemological Institute of America), but gives you much supplementary practical details Rule # 8: If you found your stone, go for it! Dont wait too enthusiasm because this diamond could be sold to someone else and you obtain to attack all over again There are no eternal supplies on diamonds in every size, shape, clarity and color out there Like with most things in life, you often obtain to compromise. Rule # 9: Compare apples with apples! When you compare one diamond and its charge with another, hug both certificates (print out the copies that you procure via e-mail) following to each other Look at all the report and compare, consult the gemologist if story is not striking or you need advice Comparing one side and their prices with another, transact in consideration if taxes, insurance during transport and shipping are included, is any extra cost involved, certificate, evaluation etc., or does it all come as a absolute package?Q: What leave the New Year (2004) transact the Diamond Online Industry?A: Growth! We expect a minimum aggregate lump of 37% this year for the diamond online firms. The Diamond Wholesale Corporation (DWC Inc) invested heavily and increased customer service as well as keeping the prices at the lowest merit practicable in decree to insure satisfied clients

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