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Dior Rhodium-Plated Square Bow Necklace

The name of 1920s is referred as the breath of unfinished tune taken between the smoke of World War I and World War II and The Great Depression, thus in this decade, way entered the end era in which women elite liberated themselves from constricting fashions and began wear further comfortable clothes. One of the interpretation themes was the Art-Deco method revealing a life of progressive modernity, luxury and leisure Inspired by the pirit of the 1920s, the House of Christian Dior designed a feminine and chewed necklace, named Rhodium-Plated Square Bow Necklace

Dior Rhodium-Plated Square Bow Necklace

Dior Rhodium-Plated Square Bow Necklace

This Dior Necklace is made from rhodium-plated metal with crystal-colored Swarovski rhinestones. The metal combined with Swarovski rhinestones and Diors exquisite craftsmanship always comes up the incredible masterpiece Fine train is punctuated with a rhinestone-studded Art-Deco procedure kowtow and metal cubes with rhinestones or engraved with the iconic note D The asymmetric routine is reasonable one of the most appealing procedure trend in this season.

Featuring the twist of 37cm with an further 6cm train for adaption the skein according to your requirement, this Dior Rhodium-Plated Square Bow Necklace weighs a emolument of 240


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