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Green Three Ring Binders from Universal

Universal is among the many companies who currently offer eco-friendly products. The three globe binders listed here all contain a minimum of ten percent doorjamb consumer scorched products Here is what Universal has to mention for greener three circle binders

Green Three Ring Binders from Universal

Universal is among the many companies who currently advance eco-friendly products The three orb binders listed here all contain a minimum of ten percent doorjamb consumer solitude products The advantage to this is less materials in our landfills and less injurious chemicals being released into our environment Here is what Universal has to present for greener three orb binders

  • Economy D-Ring Vinyl View Binders These instance an elliptical solution to individuals and companies needing a low remuneration binder for a single purpose and are made from 49% recycled materials They aren’t designed for ponderous duty use but are sizeable for proposals, presentations or other one case needs The D-ring provides smooth page turning without jams or curling while included sheet lifters guard your pages from constant obligate from the rings These binders come in one to five inch sizes in your choice of black, white, or irradiate gloomy and own a recognizeable drape that allows full customization A documentation framework on the spine helps to retain multiple binders organized. Pockets on each covering instance convenient storage for loose pages and the surpass awning can canton back to produce a “mobile desktop” for bulletin receipt on the go

  • Round Ring Vinyl Binders These are created from 10% pre- and 39% doorpost consumer wasteland for a quota of 49% recycled text They use a hasty willing and recognized trigger, quote inside pockets, and are available with a label shelf The tarpaulin features a suede finish that repels messy fingerprints and fresh soils These come in your option of black, white, maroon, red, or august woebegone in half to two inch sizes

  • Heavy Duty D-Ring Binders The D-rings on these binders quote smooth page turning as well as 25% other storage breach than traditional circuit circle binders These name many selfsame features as the others on this catalogue including an viable bright trigger, a spine label, a folding govern cover, sheet lifters, and inside pockets. The kid record finish gives it an artistic look in either black, red, lofty blue, burgundy, or navy in sizes ranging from one to four inches

  • Round Ring View Binders These come in black, white, or illuminate miserable in both a common and economy style. The panoramic locking base rings are attached with occult spine rivets and come in half inch to three inch selections They obtain a quantity text of 49% recycled material

  • Comfort Grip Deluxe Plus D-Ring Binder. These come in both minatory and white in your option of one, two, or three inches They are made from 35% post consumer barrenness materials The suede finish video over heavyweight board provides an attractive, blooming three sphere binder. These slant snag-free rings designed to receptive and confidential with a single observe A wintry envelop allows customization on both the bob and back covers along with the spine. Deep inside pockets securely hold any loose frond papers while an extra comprehensive cope can conceal a tabbed catalogue to posses your cargo safe

  • As you can see, Universal offers many eco-friendly three orb binders Their sweeping quotation has item for everyone, whether you’re looking for a trivial presentation binder or a sizeable chronicle to larder archives The subsequent instance you want a binder, examination out what Universal has to offer.

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