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Innovative Gucci Necklace and Bracelet in Bamboo Motif

So far as I can remember, Gucci has released a entire range of jewelry containing necklace and bracelet and circle in two styles, the manner jewelry and the silver jewelry. And either of them is made from precious metallic like gold and silver However, family can procure tired when seeing all kinds of formal one Sometimes we need thing refreshing and casual. So here comes this innovative Gucci Necklace and Bracelet set highlighting the bamboo motif.

Innovative Gucci Necklace and Bracelet in Bamboo Motif

Although idle made from fine silver, it looks other like a irregular looking shiny plastic rope, thanks to the shiny senile silver The rein itself is remarkably long, at a loop of 40 inches Thats means you can shawl the succession around your kiss twice or trice Thats funny It features bamboo truth and tassel pendant. Whats worth mentioning is that even the tassel is made by shiny senile silver The necklace priced at $2495 can be worn in a extremely relaxed routine As to the bracelet in the same motif, it is available at a remuneration of $1650. It is a combination of the standard Gucci horse-bit pattern and bamboo truth It is further a masterpiece of shiny decrepit silver

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