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MLM Training- The MLM Success Secrets of Striking Gold in Your Memory Jogger

The debate all new Network Marketing Distributors ask when they gain started is:Who Do I Know?In this mlm apprenticeship article, we are going to go over the impact list. This is where you inception

MLM Training- The MLM Success Secrets of Striking Gold in Your Memory Jogger

MLM Training- The MLM Success Secrets of Striking Gold in Your Memory Jogger

The question all new Network Marketing Distributors ask when they secure started is:

Who Do I Know?

In this mlm probation article, we are going to go over the results list. This is where you onslaught Digging for Gold in your framework marketing business!

Every word that you know is a gold mine and most never prod it. This phenomenon commit offices you conjecture where the gold mine really is in your relationships


It is NOT who you know. It is who your friends know, and then who THEY know, and then who THEY know, and then who THEY know.

It is called “Generations” in a memory jogger You MUST thrust into the genesis structures of your memory jogger, and believe that it is sometimes 2-3 generations deep before you lambaste gold

Your friends are a valuable resource to your dream, and many consign backing you build it if you ask them. These are people you deprivation to begin sharing the life-changing communication and products/services of your mlm party with immediately

You leave deprivation to write down at least 25 connections to beginning And then build up to a guide of 52 names, and eventually 100 or fresh

Why 52 names?

There is nothingness magical about the cipher 52, but it is used to help originate a rational picture. The unit 52 represents a deck of 52 cards With your mlm program, you can scope upper mesh marketing direction levels with the correct leaders

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So drawing yourself with a deck of 52 cards You notice that somewhere in that deck there are 4 Aces, and you deprivation at least 3 Aces to maximize your success initially. You dont comprehend where the Aces are, but you understand they are somewhere in the deck.

Imagine turning those cards over systematically one at a time, searching for those Aces until you find them Go through your guide of 52 names one at a case Just remember that there are furthermore a span of Jokers in every deck!

It may manage one companion 37 cards to find the aces, another 45, and then another all 52. But the aces WILL manifest up!


If you sustain to flip the cards over, you WILL find the aces If you contiue to gossip to people, you WILL find the aces.

This following step should be done with your patron face-to-face or on the telephone

You entrust find that there are basically three kinsfolk you entrust be speaking to:

1) The folks that are Motivated

These are 20% of the people. They are motivated to grow, improve, and to extend who they are and where they are going in life They entrust be extraordinary interested in what you hold to say

2) The family that are Curious.

These are the 30% of the people They are curious about what you have to say, and curious about finding out supplementary about your products. Many of these relatives bequeath second up being customers as well as distributors in your mlm business

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3) The People that are not interested

These are the 50% of the kinsfolk that simply are not interested in reform and growth, and will not really listen to what you keep to speak Get referrals if possible, hawk them your products, but stratagem on! They like where they are in life, and lack to stay there for now. That could amend Dont take it personally

You absence to find the kin that are motivated for your mesh marketing business, and prate to them They are the ones that scarcity to do object with their life The curious consign lack to know, and the casual commit deprivation to be refusal It leave bear a stockpile of conversations to find the motivated, but you consign want a machine that can offices you construct your mlm collision list


Quit looking for the family you are looking for, and inception looking for the folks who are looking for you

Here is a VERY concise MLM Memory Jogger List that we used for years and the entire indirect had over 1000 “joggers” to offices the new distributor remember who they retain forgotten.


To twofold the size of your register immediately, ask one simple question: “Who Do I comprehend that they know?”


Who’s dissatisfied Money motivated Who’s out of work Family membersWho Is laid off Who’s in MLMWho has lots of instance Who’s your doctorReads self aegis books Your parents’ friendsWho does your taxes Works in your bank

Who’s their own employer Who are your friendsWent to school with Gave a undertaking card Who wants scope Who is successfulWho’s Your dentist Works with kidsWho you look up to Who cuts your hairWho teaches Who likes to danceWho wants a vacation Who Attends churchWho is in sales Who needs a new carYour neighbors Who is your bossWho is Self motivated Works in restaurantsOn your matrimonial record Who you like the leastWho is crippled Wants a promotionWho sold you your car Who likes group sportsWorks on computers You met on a planeWho retain you helped Who builds framework sitesGot a new computer Who likes to gardenWho you met at a company Unhappy w/ income

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Likes to offices folks Who your friends knowWho watches TV often Who likes the internetWho delivers your mail Works at the groceryOwns a paltry business Who is in collegeWho has a ship Repairs your houseWorks w/fundraisers Who entrust aegis youLikes to buy things Calls you at homeWho recycles Needs a mesh siteLikes to say on/phone Bought a new homeBought a new car High delectation peopleNeeds extra cash Works portion occasion jobsWho workshop nights Who needs supplementary timeWho is a social hand Who looks up to you

If you use the Memory Jogger correctly, you commit STRIKE Gold in MLM and Network Marketing

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