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Smart and handy HTC Touch Diamond 2

A handset that is handy and has smart features is always bound to be a immense hit. Thats what HTC Touch Diamond 2 exactly is

Smart and handy HTC Touch Diamond 2

The very features of the HTC Touch Diamond 2 are enough to attract so many animated users towards it At least all those who were waiting for a behalf handset to be introduced in the vend in behest to correct their older ones, this mobile phone has brought their reverie true ending their wait.

The stunning features of this sophisticated and classy handset includes:

A concise cardigan of measurement 13.7mm by 107.9mm by 53.1mm, absolute to interlock in hands. It weighs only 117.5 grams which even include the fitted batteries that are rechargeableTalking about its batteries, when quite charged they provide 3G HSDPA chatter circumstance of 5 hours and a standby occasion of 500 hours, which is totally somethingThe phone comes with a WVGA endure LCD screen that is 3.2 inches wide and a flush present of 65000 flag The 480 by 800 pixels screen resolution is gangling enough to enjoy amazing snaps, videos and wallpapers

The HTC Touch Diamond 2 supports a Qualcomm processor and an operating system of Windows Mobile 6.1 Professional, which makes it absolute for the business users.The Wi-Fi technology, AGPS steering function, EDGE technology, Bluetooth wireless connection and USB cabled connection are all built in the handsetHTC Touch Diamond 2 supports a RAM of 288 megabytes, ROM of 512 megabytes and in postscript to the two memories, a MicroSD memory card slot to add on more space

The admireable handset works on all the GSM and 3G HSDPA networks like the GSM 900, GSM 850, GSM 1800, HSDPA 900, GSM 1900 and HSDPA 2100.The HTML internet browser that comes handy with the handset enables you to enjoy all attainable internet options like browsing your favourite sites and even checking your mails from anywhereThe harmonization features on the HTC Touch Diamond 2 again are out of the creation Be it FM radio or the music formats it supports on its smart music musician integrated are all excellent

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